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>>>That's why a progressive income tax is a good thing...
>..but not as good as no tax at all, largely courtesy
>of your very own splendid President Lincoln. Try this
>explanation of how it can be done:
Taxes are supposed to be for things of the common good that everyone 
needs to use like bridges, highways and yes even protection.  It is also 
alleged that they are actually a tithing given to the rich since the 
Kings used to collect the money (and for what).   These days King George 
gives the tithing money he's collected to his buddies at Halliburton, 
GE, etc.  

 From what I could see of that long rambling document that I don't have 
time to read at the moment they are into trading?  That has been raised 
often before but is probably impractical.   My point was that I agree 
with those who feel we need to reign in the concentrated wealth in the 
world where 1% of the population controls most of the money.   The 
situation creates chaos.  I don't believe you can have laissez faire 
capitalism in an overpopulated world but neither do the ruling class.  
It's just my solution to the problem is more humane than theirs: I want 
to get rid of the laissez faire capitalism and they want to get rid of 
the overpopulation but not in a kind way.

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