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--- qntmpkt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> ---To JIM and other Fairfield "Lifers" (funny - when
> I was in the 
> Army in 1968 the term "Lifer" was the most
> derogatory name one could 
> think of).  At any rate, in answer to your question,
> Jim, as to where 
> Vaj got such weird notions, his source is his Guru,
> Chogyal Namkhai 
> Norbu.  I have his recent book in which Norbu
> discusses these same 
> topics (not mentioning TM specifically, but rather
> silent sitting 
> meditation, which he calls "dualist".).  OTOH
> Norbu's techniques are 
> equally if not more dualist on the surface, for
> example:  he promotes 
> the Song of Vajra, sung or listened to while the
> aspirant is dancing 
> on a mandala.  Norbu claims to have received this as
> a "terma" 
> (secret knowledge transmitted from bygone Sages).
> What Norbu 
> overlooks is the physiological component to
> Enlightenment.

There is no physiological component to enlightenment.
Any physiological component has to do with mental
conditions. "Restful Alertness" is a condition of mind
neither closer nor further away from pure
consciousness than any other physiological state.

> Basically, 
> when the body attains a state of restful alertness,
> it gets closer to 
> Unity.

Absolutely not. Again, restful alertness is
consciousness projected into and identified with a
condition of mind. All mental conditions are neither
"closer" nor "further" from pure consciousness. That
being said, a technique that reduces mental activity
(the vrittis of the chitta, e.g., TM)is effective for
facilitating the conditions that allow pure
consciousness to cease projecting into and identifying
with mind. However this cessation of projection and
identification has nothing to do with any technique.
The cessation comes from the side of pure
consciousness coming to a crashing halt! Hey Vaj or
anyone else. I just realized that this projection is a
specific shakti. Is there a shakti of ignorance?
Veiling power of maya. What buddhist or Vedic/Hindu
deity is associated with maya?

> We can turn the tables on Vaj.

Why not have a tastey snack at Vaj's table instead?

> Norbu's
> Vajra song and dance 
> disallows the body/mind from diving deeper into a
> physiological state 
> conducive toward Transcendence.

I'm sure there are many techniques that facilitate
conditions for pure consciousness to cease
projection/identification and not all of them involve
rest! I know singing bhajans and estatic dancing will
bring transcendance in a very active state of
physiology. Heck, I've experienced deep Unity/Brahman
experiences while rushing around like a mad man
working for SSRS-Absolute silence moving within
Absolute silence in the middle of Wal-Mart buying
tacks and glue, grinning like an idiot. In fact MMY
became Realized through working for Guru Dev. He was
frying himself with no rest at all. Self just "is"
under all conditions of physiology and mind. Any
devotion to That pushes little self to dissolution.  

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