The fact that Marono is a shill for entrenched 
interests is revealing, but that fact alone doesn't 
necessarily discredit his citations. They seem
to do that on their own.

For example, Richard S. Lindzen, the Alfred P. 
Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, 
says in his Wall Street Journal op-ed piece:

"A general characteristic of Mr. Gore's approach 
is to assiduously ignore the fact that the earth 
and its climate are dynamic; they are always 
changing even without any external forcing." 

In fact, Gore spends a lot of time reviewing the 
dynamic nature of climate, all to the purpose of 
showing how strongly recent trends depart from 
anything seen in hundreds of thousands of years.

It seems that Lindzen's critique assiduously 
ignores what Gore is really saying.

Marono also cites "Last week's National Academy 
of Sciences report dispelled Mann's often cited 
claims by reaffirming the existence of both the 
Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age." But 
Gore shows how those temperature anomalies are 
nowhere close to being as dramatic as what we're 
undergoing now. I don't see, looking at a graph 
of the data, how the hockey stick graph 
has been discredited.

Upon close examination, the critics Marono cites 
sound like the carping I see in newsgroups a lot, 
when a critic tries to discredit an entire argument 
by picking at a loose thread here or there.

--- authfriend posted:
> From
> Until a couple months ago, the [writer of this press release], Marc 
> Marono, worked for [the very right-wing] where he 
> distinguished himself by using disgraced NASA crony George Deutsch to 
> attack NASA scientist James Hansen. Deutsch...was the young Bush 
> campaign flack who was sent over to NASA to censor scientific 
> publications, made a splash when he instructed NASA scientists not to 
> discuss the Big Bang without considering the topic from a religious 
> perspective and then got bounced when it emerged that he'd lied about 
> having a college degree. Earlier, Marono wrote [an article for 
>] questioning whether Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) may have 
> faked the wounds for which he received two Purple Hearts.
> ( is an extremely right-wing "news" site
> whose parent organization is the equally right-wing
> Media Research Center, both founded by right-wing
> zealot Brent Bozell III.)
> <snip>

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