--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, new.morning <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Gives some idea of the strength of the Boomer wave.
> But is also eye-opening for jyotish. It means that about 330 or so
> people back in late 40's - 50s  were born with same basic chart --
> down to same ascendant (lattitude / logitude differences just mean
> they were not all born similtaneously). Only some high level
> divisional charts would differ. So there are 330 or so in america
> alone (some multiple if world is taken into account) who have the same
> chart as Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Charles Manson, Neil Young, Tom
> Cruise, Steve Jobs, Hilary Clinton, Condi Rice, George Bush, etc. 
> Thus only subtle differences in higher level divisional charts could
> distinguish the "distinguished" from the also ran.  Yet almost all
> analysis one sees on this or that celebrity, or for ones own basic
> chart, high level divisional charts are not use (nor are many
> jyotishees well versed ins such IME). 
> So if you happpen to get a chet done, ask, "so how am I different from
>      the 330 other americans with the same basic  chart"?  Or a
> celebrity's chart is provided -- showing "how revealing" jyotish is,
> ask the same question.

The first time Chakrapani did my chart, he used the time on my birth
certificate (6:00 pm). I walked into his office, and the first thing
he said to me is that with my youthful appearance, there was no way I
was Sagittarius rising. He then went on to give a natal reading of
someone who was definitely not me. He rectified my chart to 6:55 pm,
and independently, Terry Johnson came up with the same rectified time.
So, just because a bunch of people were born within 60 minutes of each
other doesn't mean their lives will unfold in similar fashion.

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