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> > Of course, new.morning's questions are based on a
> > misunderstanding of how the survey was conducted,
> Since you are a stickler for correctness, I did not misunderstand 
> how the survey was conducted.

LOL!  Sure you did.  You assumed the 100 scientists they
attempted to contact were a (hopefully random) sample
of all the climate scientists in the "US/world," first
of all, rather than somebody's list of the 100 *top*
climate scientists in the U.S.

Then you assumed the 19 scientists cited were the only
respondents to the survey out of that 100, rather than
the only respondents who had seen the movie or read the

> I don't have my questions in front of me, but I as I recall them, 
> they are valid regardless of my assumptions of whether the survey 
> was a sample of all climate experts, or a total polling of the so 
> called "top 100".

See #2 above.

> Frankly, on the latter point, I don't think a valid top 100 list 
> could well be constructed

Right.  As I said (did you miss it?):  The question you
*want* to be asking is, Who decides which are the 100 top
climate scientists in the U.S.?

> >But I'm sure that's exactly the
> > kinds of questions those reflexively opposed to the
> > consensus view on global warming would attempt to
> > raise, in order to confuse the issue as much as
> > possible.
> And as my example testifies, that's ALSO exactly the kinds of
> questions asked by those who support the consensus view on global
> warming, and have since working on the issue professional in 1990-
> 92.

But not about *this* survey.

> And I raised such, without partisian intent, but to gain understand.

Of course.  Those I was referring to, unlike you, would
be misrepresenting the relevant questions deliberately.

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