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The film I'm thinking of is Dutch, commissioned by and

overseen by the government of the Netherlands, to try

to provide a true perspective on the history of cannabis

worldwide. It's pretty fascinating. It's been subject to

harassment for centuries, including in India. There are

whole sects who practice some form of yoga and self

discovery and who consider cannabis as a sacrament, 

similar to the Native American use of peyote and

other hallucinogens. 

Yes. There have been some interesting past posts on Bhang and its

spiritual use several years ago. Bhang for all (most) on Holi is a

given. That Shiva is usuallly depicted using cannabis, and is

considered the Lord of it by sadhus is hard to ignore. Many sadhus

regularly partake of "Lord Shiva's blessing". I have heard bhang and

associated things are prevalent at Khumba Mela.

It's also used in some ayurvedic medicines. Strangely, a good number of these are imported to the US even today.

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