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> > Could be, and I don't post to support or reject
> your position. The
> > one major element that seems inconsistent in all
> of this talk about
> > Maharishi being a sham and a scam and a poseur,
> is, if this is all
> > true, why does Bramananda Saraswati [Guru Dev]
> continue to make
> > himself available, through Maharishi's teaching?
> >
> > Since He does, both through the puja, and also
> direct experience, it
> > would seem that He is tacitly supporting
> Maharishi. Or at the very
> > least blessing the knowledge Maharishi is
> spreading.
> >
> I, for one, never argue that MMY is a sham and a
> scam. Maybe a poseur, but
> not the other two. Many people, myself included,
> have benefited tremendously
> from his teaching. I shudder to think what would
> have happened to me if I
> hadn¹t stumbled upon it. Also, and this relates to
> the recent non-dual
> thread, many people have ³attained² higher states of
> consciousness. Many in
> Unity and Brahman. So it has borne fruit abundantly.

People want their gurus to be ego-friendly and
sugar-coated. Some are, some aren't. MMY likes to kick
our punk-ass-bitch attachments. Oh boo-hoo-hoo. MMY
showed me his didn't smile
at me in the right soup was
cold on my hoo hoo....MMY yelled at me in

Kind of funny, I remember M telling us on my TTC in Majorca that There were times when Guru Dev used to "beat him on the head" when he did something wrong. We took it that he meant chewed him out as opposed to physically beat him. That gave many the impression that Guru Dev must have had a temper or he gave the appearance of having a temper to use for motivating those that needed that stimulus.

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