TurquoiseB wrote:

>--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, gerbal88 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Today is simply not better than the 70's.
>I'm stayin' out of the more inflammatory side of all of 
>this, but I think this is an interesting statement. It's 
>stated as if it could be assumed. So I found myself 
>wondering whether there are people here who honestly 
>feel that today *is* better than the 70's? 
>If so, I'd love to hear your reasons for believing this. 
>No hassles, no arguments...I'm just curious. 
>I'd be torn on how to answer this koan. Part of me would
>want to say that Then was better than Now because the 
>overall vibe of the rock on which we live seems to have 
>gone WAAAAAaaaay downmarket since the 70s. But another 
>part of me would say that things are better Now than 
>they were Then because in the game of life Now always 
>trumps Then.
I thought life was simpler back in 70's than now.   It was almost a 
balance point not too much excess and not too much lacking.   There were 
no personal computers to make things more complicated, those came in the 
late 70's and were still mainly geek toys.

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