--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "nablus108" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> A few samples of his predictions for this year:
> Los Angeles to be hit by an earthquake, 7,6 to 8,6 on the Richter 
> scale in july, august or september early in the morning about 5 am.
> Huge damage to Hollywood.

Not  totally to point, but reminds me of on my TTC (first yr Mallorca)
Charlie had just come from the states and spoke. Said, "Did you hear
the BIG news?" "NOOOOOOO", we gasped. "LA was hit by a huge quake.
Much of it is leveled and devestated." When we go home, we found LA
quite in one piece.

> Hurricane damage to Texas oilfields by a hurricane a little stronger 
> than Katrina.

> Capitalism will go.

Now THAT would be a huge disaster. If you mean market economies will
be replaced by command and control production centers run by
bureaucrats. Economic growth, productivity and wage rates, will
plummet, prices will soar, there will be huge shortages, spending on
education, health, and good will efforts will fall. Now THAT is quite
a disaster scenario. 

And it will happen within ONLY six months! Reminds me of MMY saying
western democracies will all fall very soon, sooner than you think. 
That was about six months ago. I wonder if what he meant  by "fall" is
that (only) leadership will change persons or parties, and current
leaders will fall greatly in the polls, etc. That IS happening: Bush
and Blair have low polls, the US HR will probably change leadership in
Nov, Blair is in his last  days, Netherlands changes govt, Canda
changed to Conservative govt, China's leadership passed to a new
generation, etc. 

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