--Thanks, I don't believe MMY is invincible, either, on the basis of 
my experiment in the late 70's.  At that time,  the SRM lease was up 
at the old brick building on Santa Monica Blvd; and Charlie Lutes 
moved into an office at the West L.A. TM center down the road toward 
Santa Monica.
  Having learned that a powerful Santeria sorcerer from Cuba 
named "El Negro" was traveling through Mexico, I was able to meet him 
in Tijuana.  To test MMY's level of invincibility, I paid the 
Sorcerer to place a hex on MMY; and after giving El Negro some pics 
of MMY, left Tijuana and returned to L.A.
 A few days later I saw Charlie at the West L.A. TM center and in due 
course of conversation, he told me that MMY was taking very 
extraordinary precautions to pretect himself by being surrounded 
physically by numerous people.  To the best of my knowledge, no harm 
came to MMY; but on the basis of the results, I don't feel he's 

- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Patrick Gillam" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> --- authfriend wrote:
> >
> > The most devoted followers are always
> > going to try to emulate the master every way they can,
> > no matter what the master says or doesn't say.  And
> > they're all going to have some idea of what
> > constitutes "good" behavior.  I think to some extent
> > the conundrum is unavoidable.
> Agreed. I've told the story before how Rudolf 
> Steiner, upon removing a pebble from his shoe,
> said, "I need to do this right away, otherwise 
> all my students will be walking with limps tomorrow."
> (paraphrased, of course)

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