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Obviously, MMY just doesn't "get" it while the ones that

advocate subtle effort and control do.

Either that or they are teaching two different techniques,

one for people with lazy minds, and one for people who

have no problem controlling theirs.

Ever see the picture from Willytex's website of hardcore TMers

meditating in Dome? They have horrible posture, most slouching, one

in a lazy boy chair!

Compare to almost any other meditation class. TMer's are known in  


broader meditational world for their bad posture.

The horror of it all...

Actually M does get it. He told us that none of these things like  

Asanas and mudras and what have you ever needed to be performed  

perfectly. The intent and practice to the best of one's ability is  

good enough. M recited a poem by Shankara to illustrate this. It  

was something like, A little understanding of the Gita, a taste of  

the Ganges, a pilgrimage to a Holy site, a little asanas and so  

forth was the key. Never did Shankara expect everyone to become  

great Vedic Scholar, or live off of the Ganges, go to all Holy  

places, or do all the asanas perfectly. But one should show the  

intent and do what he could and consider it done. M said there are  

teachers out there that demand everything be done perfectly, if one  

uses Chin Mudra, they expect the finger tips of index and thumb be  

placed perfectly and form a perfect circle and the other three  

fingers held perfectly straight away. For us, he said, it is enough  

that the index finger and thumb touch. Transcending is what we pay  

attention to, not all the other stuff.

Unfortunately when posture is not right during meditation--and there  

*are* many ways to sit--it screws with the vital airs and a number of  

other things. If you can't sit in lotus or some la-dee-da asana, just  

sit in a chair.

And if you can't sit in a chair for some reason?

Personally, I recommend learning the use of a meditation belt, they have a long history of use in both Hindu and Buddhist yogis and are portable (e.g. easy to to hiking). There are also some new ergonomic mediation chairs and seats that look pretty cool. Some that I've tried are quite usable.


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