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Oil and gas companies may be good investments
in the short term, but won't they be less and less
profitable as resources deplete?

Seems to me a publicly traded exterminator
company would be the place to invest. Bugs
are the real winners in global warming.

Cold-form steel construction, also known as
light guage steel framing, should grow. (It's
stronger than wood, which makes it better
in severe climates, and it's impervious to termites.)

I've been thinking global warming will engender
a huge new industry around managing and
surviving the crisis. Where should people live
and invest? What career fields will flourish? Lots
of changes, which means lots of opportunities
to make money.

Investment in oil companies will probably be a good investment just about anytime unless some big break through in technology comes along that the oil companies have not invested in. Exxon will probably always be in the energy business. New useful technologies always create changes with lots of opportunities. Horseless carriages sure did a number on the horse breeding business as well as buggy building industry.

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