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> > Pardon my ignorance, but I'm always interested in 
> other spiritual 
> > groups but have no idea who AOL or SSRS are, could
> I  have an 
> > explanation of these acronyms?
> > 
> > 
> >  
> > AOL is the Art of Living Foundation, SSRS is Sri
> Sri Ravi  Shankar,
> a former 
> > Maharishi student who cognized a series of 
> breathing exercises he
> calls 
> > Sudarshana Kriya, and is the center  piece of his
> teaching. In 
> addition he also 
> > teaches TM , but under  a different name.
> "Cognized"? Did SSRS say he "cognized" them?  
> That is the story I heard , cognized while in
> silence that M  told him to do. 
> Maybe Drpete knows the story.

MMY had SSRS in silence in the US (I think he was in
Connecticut of all places) in the early 80's. SSRS
said that things we're not fully "right" when he went
into silence, but when he came out, everything was
"okay." Shortly after that he said that the Sudarshan
Kriya technique came to him. He told MMY about it and
wanted to teach it within the context of the TMO. MMY
told him to go out and teach it on his own. SSRS said
he was very surprised because he had never thought
about leaving MMY. Whenever he saw MMY after that MMY
would say to him, "Are you still here?" SSRS said it
took him about a year to leave MMY. He and MMY are
best buddies regardless of what MMY says about SSRS.
SSRS just laughed in delight when he heard that MMY
had said, in regard to SSRS, "Meditators should
watchout for sweet poison." He sees MMY as his master
and on his puja table he has a picture of Guru Dev and
a picture of MMY's feet (at least I assume they are
MMY's feet and so I've been told!).


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