New.morning, you recently posted all the horrible catastrophies that 
you believe will happen as a result of the present global warming 
path mankind is taking.

And it's a real exhaggeration to use that term.

But if you really believe we're on the brink of armageddon, why 
would you be wasting your precious time debating with someone like 
me who you know you aren't going to convince?

Wouldn't your time be better spent talking with people, like 
yourself, that are convinced that global warming is as bad as you 
believe it is yet are still consuming fossil fuels?  And since you 
are not a big consumer of fossil fuels yourself (3,000 miles a year 
and no jet travel for years...and, I suspect, you're probably a 
vegetarian), you're in a wonderful position to "practise what you 
preach".  You don't just talk the talk but walk the walk.  Well, 
good for you!

Armageddon is serious business and you're an economist.  And you're 
realy good at cost-benefit analysis.

So, tell me: for every hour you waste trying to convince ME that 
global warming is occuring (and you just KNOW that I'm not going to 
budge from my position!), you could be spending that time out on the 
streets or on the phone canvassing your friends and neighbours to 
stop consuming fossil fuels.

Why waste your time gossiping on this forum?  If armageddon is truly 
at hand, then what does it say about your morality that you spend so 
much time here?  Shouldn't you be out on the streets?

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