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> > So, tell me: for every hour you waste trying to convince ME that 
> > global warming is occuring (and you just KNOW that I'm not going 
> > budge from my position!), you could be spending that time out on 
> the 
> > streets or on the phone canvassing your friends and neighbours 
> > stop consuming fossil fuels.
> Telling people to "stop consuming fossil fuels," of
> course, doesn't do the trick.
> But debating with you about the threat of global
> warming isn't just (or even) a matter of trying to
> convince *you* that it's real.  This forum has a
> fairly large audience.  Those who are interested,
> if they follow the debate here and are willing to
> use their heads, will find out how empty, illogical,
> and inaccurate the arguments against that threat are.
> If they had been taken in by those arguments before,
> they'll now have the tools to counter them when they
> hear them again from others who have been taken in.

You don't really believe that all this gossiping we do here changes 
minds, do you?

If anything, what we do here ENTRENCHES preconceived notions, not 
changes them.  And your debating style, Judy, is a perfect example 
of doing precisely that.  In other words: getting your opponents' 
backs up unnecessarily.  If you ever wrote a book on how you debate 
here on this forum, Judy, it would be called "Not winning friends 
and not influencing people".

However, even assuming that you are correct that what we write and 
debate here is valuable in that it informs those that have 
been "taken in" as you describe it, do you really think it is a good 

Am I correct in assuming that you agree with new.morning that all 
the catastrophies that he listed are very likely to occur as a 
result of global warming?  Yes?

Then what does that say about YOU and YOUR participation on this 
forum?  Shouldn't YOU be out on the streets, too?

Please reread what it is that is going to befall mankind and Earth, 
according to new.morning; it is NOT pretty.

> So it's a multiplier or ripple effect.  Just two
> people conducting a debate on a quasi-public forum
> can educate all who read it.  It doesn't matter if
> the person with the weaker arguments is never
> convinced.  That person is just a vehicle for setting
> up those weaker arguments so they can be knocked
> down.

That's the worst use of two people's time -- and the worst 
justification for their time -- that I've ever seen.

What we do here is gossiping, pure and simple.  It's a way of 
passing the time and I, for one, admit that I am guilty of it, too.

The only difference is: I'm not claiming that Armagedden is around 
the corner.  If I were, logic and morals would dictate that I do 
something to stop it with my valuable time instead of gossiping.

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