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> >     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maharishi_Mahesh_Yogi
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> Some good quotes from MMY at Wiki:
> "We should be very natural and easy about life. We are not to be 
> anxious about activity or meditation. Everything is tested by how 
> quickly our desires get fulfilled - by our achievements. Never 
> should we be anxious. When the time comes, even the chirping of a 
> bird could be the stimulus for enlightenment - even the smoke of a 
> rotten bus. It's the next stage of awakening. There is nothing 
> spectacular about it. Don't think about where we are. Don't think 
> that New York is horrible. One can get to the sap while remaining on 
> the hard point of the thorn. We can get to anywhere. The atmosphere 
> we don't mind. It's a very wrong emphasis that the atmosphere is bad 
> and therefore we get drained. It's the karma of our practise. Once 
> we don't make a fuss about our environment, then nature will take 
> care of us. It will put us in the right environment. Be easy and 
> natural. Don't analyze and Being will take over. When we start to 
> complicate things, Being gets lost. It is not that we are inert, but 
> nature takes over." 
> (not exact, Vittel, France, 1976)
> http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Maharishi_Mahesh_Yogi

Jai Guru Dev

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