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> > Sadly, your last few lines are correct: when we do find 
> > alternatives, their use will bring down the price of oil (of 
> > there is about 600 years at current consumption rates left at 
> > reserves) and people will continue to use oil.
> How Much Oil?  Peak Oil  
> The world has approximately 1 trillion barrels of conventional oil 
> left in the ground, and the nations of the world consume about 85 
> million barrels of that oil every day.
> Here's a way to think about those numbers. 1 trillion barrels (at 
> gallons per barrel) works out to about 38 cubic miles, which is 
> volume of a cube about 3.4 miles on a side. That's enough to cover 
> New York City's 300 sq. mi. land area to a depth of an eighth of a 
> mile (a little more than the length of two football fields). 
> it. That's what's left. In the world.
> At present, the world's consuming almost 1.2 cubic miles per year, 
> and demand is growing by several percent a year.
+++ Is it not odd that no one complains about amount of waste that 
the plastics industries account for with making all sorts of usless 
    It is my opinion from observing life in the forties and some 
thirties that we could do well without a lot of it.  N.

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