"They have been demonstrated to exist by the great scientist and 
psychologist Wilhelm Reich, who was a colleague and one-time 
assistant of Freud. He died in an American prison in 1957. He was 
arrested for purporting to treat diseases with instruments which he 
claimed (correctly) attracted matter from the etheric planes, which 
he called orgone energy. He saw it as one vast plane of orgone 
energy, which he saw, rightly, as being everywhere in the universe, 
substanding the outer solid physical plane. Esotericists understand 
the etheric plane as four planes, becoming finer and finer as they 
go higher. The fourth etheric is just above gas, and is invisible 
unless you have etheric vision. The reality of this etheric energy, 
of what he called "orgone energy", was demonstrated palpably by 
Wilhelm Reich in various simple experiments. Nevertheless, he was 
arrested because he used instruments which he called the "orgone 
accumulator", boxes which accumulated the etheric energy of some 
levels, usually the two lower levels, the fourth and the third 
etheric, to treat diseases including cancer and various other 
diseases. In America that was deemed illegal. The Food and Drug 
Administration arrested him, refused to allow him to prove his work, 
and he died in prison."

-Benjamin Creme

For more information, please see: http://shareintl.org

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