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Hi Folks,

yesterday I have been at an 4 hours meeting witch was hosted by
Bramachari Shubamrita (close Amma disciple). Video, lecture, Bajans,
guided meditation, simply incredible. It reminded me on an ´intensive
class´ of VortexHealing, energy flow all over the body, as if the
divine did an reset for my whole system !
And the good news of the day: Amma is planing to drop into Berlin at
her Europe tour next year, would be the first time!
I have herd that Amma is in America the coming days. If there is any
way for you to met her, I strongly recommend doing it.

Mr Satva

Amma arrives in Fairfield today, and will be holding a public program in Mt. Pleasant on Saturday and Sunday: http://ammaiowa.org/ __._,_.___

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