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> > 
> > I am solely addressing the issue recent posts raised in my mind of
> > "how widespread is the term and concept 'brain-wave coherence' (BWC)
> > used by scientists not associated with the TMO". My preferred method,
> > was to start with a search 'brain-wave coherence' to see who the
> > leading users are. 
> > 
> > http://www.google.com/search?q=brain-wave
> > 
> > produced 18 separate sites on the first two pages of links. 12 of the
> > first 13 were TM related, as were 13 of these 18 -- The five
> > non-TMo-related sites were
> > 
> > One site was a discussion group blurb: 
> > ">>I have some acquaintance with EEG signal processing, brainwave
> > coherence
> > >>analysis, and attempts to correlate these to anything like cognitive
> > states or
> > >>mental command. I believe it's possible in theory, and maybe in
> > commercial
> > >>practice, but I'm unaware of ANY (non-classified anyway) success
> > stories.
> > One to two dimensions of control can relatively easily be obtained
> > from EEG." 
> > 
> > 2 vendors of home bio-feedback equipment
> > 
> > 1 music product
> > 
> > 1 Bio-feedback doctor
> > 
> > These last four, I classify as new-age sites.
> > 
> > None were reflecting mainstream scientists doing research, publishing
> > papers, speaking at conferences,etc. or other things reflecting that
> > the term BWC was a prominent or even existing theme or concept 
> > outside the TMO or related endeavors.
> > 
> > My preliminary conclusion from this search is that in popular
> > mainstream areas (not scientific papers) BWC has been primarily
> > championed by the TMO.
> > 
> > So I tried a search of scientific journals.
> > 
> > My preliminary sense in reviewing these articles s that BWC in the
> > scientific commnuty may have several quantitiative meanings, e.g. 
> > "multidimensional directed coherence"  (see below) which, it is
> > unknown (by me) at this point if these methodologies of measurement /
> > definitional concepts etc of BWC are the same,similar or distinct
> > different from those employed by the TMO 30 years ago.
> > 
> > Second, some articles appear to point to cohenrence be mundane and
> > normal -- even in monkeys, not a "big deal" in itself. 
> > 
> > Third, there are only several, but not a majority of articles, on how
> > great  BWC is, and how it improves human performance or is beneficial
> > in some way. (Counter to what I would have expected if the scientific
> > community viewed BWC with the same grandeur as the TMO.)
> > 
> Doesn't anyone ever read what I write.  

Um, all 67,984 posts per week? Um, not always.

>I mentioned the article in Scientific American a week 
> or two ago 

You are so worthy for doing so.

>that says explicitly that EEG coherence is correlated with
>evolutionary scale: the 
> higher a creature is, the more likely it is to show "intelligent
behavior" or somesuch. 

And this is based on a series of studies on primates? or some unnamed
guy a SA's speculation? If the former, what are the article cites.

> Humans show the highest levels of EEG coherence, primates and
dolphins (I assume) show 
> thenext highest.

Studies? or speculation.

What form of BWC? Multi-dimensiona, etc? Was the same form used for
all primates in all these alleged studies.
> And why did you go with google scholar?

Um because I was on the google site at the time. Is there something
inherently inferior with GS?
> If you want refereed scientific journal references, use pubmed:
> http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?CMD=search&DB=pubmed
> search term: eeg coherence
> 1081 references starting in 1968 and moving forward.

I found 83 for BWC. Showing BWC in sleep. And something related to
smoking crack cocaine. Hoepfully it doesn't indicate crack increases BWC.
> BTW, EEG coherence can imply pathological conditions, depending.
Epilepsy involves EEG 
> coherence, for instance. However, that doesn't mean that all TMers
are epileptic since the 
> kind of coherence and its location is radically different than what
is found in TM.

And TMs location is a priori good?  or, has research shown that the TM
areas are "special" and a BFD?

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