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> > > > In the non-chart evaluation of yogic flying, I always like 
> > > > de Herrera's account in her book "Beyond Gurus" (apparently 
> > > > reprinted 
> > > > as "All you need is love" http://tinyurl.com/jhw7e ), p. 444-
> > > 
> > > That's a great description.  It really is the
> > > *damndest* thing.
> > 
> > I recall the ladies on my course gigglign about someone who 
> > had just hopped. "This is classic," she laughed, "I was 
> > sitting there feeling stupid and the thought came to me: 
> > THIS IS BULLSHIT. Then I hopped."
> Name and form.  :-)

That's it.
That was the innocent practice of the sutra, for levition.
We are tuning into the relationship of matter and non-matter;
In the levitation sutra.
Then we imagine a lightness, of matter so abstract that it just seems 
to float, right in the air.

This is like bullshit in a way.
Bullshit is matter, and it has a subtle, earthy smell.
The earthy smell of fields of golden hues...

So, the innocent thought of the lightness of bullshit,
In the Iowa air;
How nice to hop and not care at the moment of thinking;
Thankyou for this beautiful and rather earthy insight.

Thanks too for the primary's to be held in the State of Iowa.
A state, made famous for it's manufacure of the purest bullshit in 
the nation.
And the hope of the future, in the Bio Fuel industry.
As well as the hope of the world, the hoppers/levitators,
And all the rest of the circus of Fairfield, Iowa...

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