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> > > > > > It is like a psych class experiment.  I'm digging it.   
> > > > > > This is really interesting.
> > > > > 
> > > > > Thats what I was thinking. A cognitive differences 
> > > > > experiment.
> > > > > 
> > > > > They are perceptually seeing the same thing, but interpret 
> > > > > their
> > > > > sensory input differently. Part of that difference is the 
> > > > > significance each places on differences on affecting the 
> > > > > larger debate.
> > > > 
> > > > Not to mention one of the participants being crazy as
> > > > a fuckin' loon, and it ain't the harmonica player.  :-)
> > > 
> > > The monkey?
> > 
> > The monkey's the only truly sane one. As Saint John
> > said, "Everybody's got something to hide, 'cept for
> > me and my monkey."  :-)
> Sir John the Baptist, 1940-1980
> I thought he was called, Sir John;
> I believe Saint John is either, John the Baptist, or John of 
> Revelations fame;

I had in mind Saint John of Lennon. But I'm pretty
sure that St. John of the Cross said pretty much
the same thing. :-)

> Either way, it comes down to:
> Who has been the best teacher, of all of them;
> Since we're always comparing Maharishi Yogi, with all of them;

Speak for yourself. I do not consider Maharishi to
be enlightened, and never have. Therefore there's
not much there to compare against, even if I were 
into such silliness.

> And he's supposed to be the unique one for us, to bring us all 
> enlightenment;

Who said?

> And save the earth from destruction, through group dynamics of  
> yogic power meditations, and levitation sutras...

Who said?

Oh yeah...it was the guy who wanted to be remembered
as all of those things. :-)

> Does his meditation really change anything in the world.
> Isn't it really still considered a 'Hippie, New Age, Thing'; 
> With the Beatles, and Donovan and all of that stuff.

For the vast majority of people on the planet, definitely.
But that's the way it's always been, and was even back
during the mythical "golden age" of Vedic times that
people like to imagine.
> I can't understand why Maharishi put his reputation on the 
> line; With the levitation thingy.
> He must think that it is really powerful on some level;
> Like it must rearrage matter on some level, or change the  
> 'Cosmic Constitution of the Universe, in some way.
> Because the rest of the world, just don't get it, really.
> No matter how it is explained to them, via charts or what-not.

I don't think he had anything in mind but "one more
product to sell." Seriously, I don't. It was an 
experiment from the get-go, and once Westerners
proved themselves willing to spend big bucks on
this stuff, he had to perpetuate the experiment
and come up with reasons for why it's useful. The
charts are not for the lay people; they're for
the people who spent all that money and are trying
to figure out whether it was worth it. If they're
not seeing terribly many benefits from the practice
in their own lives (which I think it is safe to say
was the case in the vast majority of people who
ever learned the siddhis), then a few charts that
seem to indicate that "something good is happening"
is enough to keep them in the fold and keep them
sending their checks in.

> I remember at one point in India;
> That John Lennon was pressing Maharishi to show a miracle for 
> them. He really wanted Mahesh to walk on water or something;
> Like levitate like he had read in 'Autobiography of a Yogi'.
> Maharishi refused these requests of course.

Largely because HE CAN'T DO ANY OF THIS STUFF.
Never could, never will.

> Later, John road in private on a helicopter, with Mahesh;
> And asked him again in private;
> To show him a miracle.
> Again, no response.
> John became very disenchanted from that moment on:
> He had expected Maharishi to be at least as good as Jesus,
> As far as being able to perform these acts of levitation and 
> so forth.
> But, alas, Maharishi, is just a TM teacher, with a good rap.

With a fairly mediocre rap, to be honest. But most of
his students would never know that because they haven't
read any of the truly good raps in the spiritual market-

> He has taught a lot of people similar mantras,
> Has sold them for lot's of money;
> Has lived a happy and long life;

Do you really think he's led a happy life? I never
saw that much evidence of it. He was always lusting
after MORE, and always unhappy when it didn't happen
in the ways he wanted, and as quickly as he wanted.
That doesn't really spell 'happiness' to me. But 
everyone sees him through their own rose-colored
(or whatever-colored) glasses.

> Has enjoyed all of the knowledge and sharing with thousands  
> people throughout the world.
> Is well taken care of in his old age.
> Has all of the latest technology at his fingertips.
> Has people at his beck and call 24/7.

Which seems to me to be what he always wanted. 

> He lives in Unity Consciousness, 
> He breaths the same air as you and me.

In my opinion, he doesn't even live in CC, and never
has for more than a few days at a time.
> He comes from an ancient time;
> And transported himself through time.

Well, duh. So have all of us.  :-)

> He is Socrates.
> He is has no fear,
> He is the teacher of the teaching method of teaching.

He is just a guy, just like every other guy on the
planet, no different and no better than any of the
> He has no fear.
> In this age of fear.
> He has no fear.

You obviously have not been in the room when he was
ranting about the CIA, or when a sudden noise startled
him so much that he lost it completely.
> Love eminates from him.
> He is love.
> He is service.
> He is.
> The Maharishi...

He is what he is, which has very little to do with
how people see him. In a way, Maharishi is like a 
high-priced hooker. Pay your million dollars and
you can sit in the same room with him. But what
you'll see is what you bring with you, what you 
expected to see for your money, not what's
really there...

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