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> > Barrett's view, expressed on WTMJ-AM, that the government
orchestrated  the 
> > Sept. 11 attacks. Barrettt teaches an introductory course on
Islam. The UW  is 
> > reviewing his past teaching performance.
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > What a lunatic. The UW *should* be reviewing whether they want 
somebody so 
> > irresponsible teaching at their University. This guy could do harm
 to the 
> > University's image. One may have the right to free speech, but one
 does not have 
> > the right to be heard.
> >
> Does this mean that you think the government didn't orchestrate the
9/11 destruction?
> In a recent zogby poll 42% of those questioned felt the the
government and the 9/11 
> commission were covering up the true story. 

And that means?

An opinion about a proposition, particularly by people not well versed
in the evidence, doesn't make the proposition more likely. For
example: i)over 50% of americans at the time of the invasion of iraq
thought  Saddam had something of substance to do with 9/11, or even
orchestrated it himself; 2) take a poll on quantum mechanics basic
findings, or any science, and 90% will beleive incorrect things; 3)
watch Jay Leno's Jay Walk -- lots of people out there are quite
ill-informed, illogical -- even dense. 

>I would say his views whether correct or not 
> are certainly not lunatic or fringe.

Why? Did you hear his reasoning and evidence?
> Steven Jones professor of physics at Brigham Young U. has done
extensive studies of the 
> destruction of the towers an makes an extremely convincing case for
a precision 
> demolition. 
>Especially for tower seven which wasn't even hit by and airplane. He
claim to 
> have found traces of thermite on steel beams from the towers, pretty
much a smoking gun 
> for a professional demolition job. See:
> http://www.physics.byu.edu/research/energy/htm7.html

And no other possible explanation for this? How many in his or related
professions agree that his evidence is conclusive, or even credible?
> Michael

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