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> > > But that's the whole point. Cults don't *want* debate;
> > > they want blind, blanket acceptance of the dogma. Those
> > > who stray too close to thinking about the dogma critically
> > > and testing the truth of it *have* to be declared "anti"
> > > the dogma. The implication is that a "real" student, some-
> > > one who is On The Program, would would never question the
> > > dogma or the claims/presentations/pronouncements of the
> > > group. If you do, almost by definition you are "anti" the
> > > group.
> > 
> > Quoting a recent post of mine:
> > 
> > "The ironic part is that there are so many other
> > *legitimate* beefs about the TMO being less than
> > totally straightforward."
> > 
> > Some cult-think, eh?
> Perhaps you should give a few such examples. Anyone can *claim* to 
think a certain way 
> in order to divert criticism that they are an apologetic.

How about these two, from a post of mine two
days ago, in the same context as the quote

In contrast, it *does* make some sense to complain
about the series of photos of the woman hopping that
show her only in the air, as if she were floating or
making an impossibly long hop. That's distinctly
deceptive. Or it would be if it hadn't become
common knowledge by the time the poster came out
that only hopping was going on. But that, at least,
is an issue.

And of course it also makes sense to complain about
the fact that it was awhile before it became clear
that only hopping was going on. There's an argument
to be made that almost everyone involved at first
was convinced hovering and flying were right around
the corner because the experience of hopping itself
(and the other sutras) was so extraordinary, so it
didn't matter that it hadn't yet actually occurred.
That would be a matter of naive optimism, not
intentional deception, but it *is* a legitimate issue.

Then there's always the claims that the Maharishi
Effect has been "proved," or that "science tells us"
about the existence of the Unified Field, or my favorite,
"Einstein said we only use 10 percent of our brains"
(although whether that's attempted deception or just
ignorance, I'm not sure).

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