I thought this was interesting enough to post here. It's in an as of
yet unpublished book, published by a major purveyor of nursing books
(for nurses). This is a philosophical nursing book (who woulda thunk!)
aimed at nursing scholars (PhD's). I am writing the index for the book.

The new millennium brings a time of transition and likely radical
change. Authors such as Davis (1988) and Swimme & Berryf(1992) have
been sounding the alert that current changes in the life systems of
the earth are so extensive that a major epoch is ending. The names of
the eras are conceptual expressions invented to enable us to think
about the larger patterns of functioning of the biosystems of the
planet.  The Paleozoic, the Mesozoic, and the Cenozoic eras covered
about 550 million years. During the 67 million years known as the
Cenozoic era, expansive life processes developed on the earth. It is
significant that the great creativity of this era emerged without
human influence. Rather, humankind appeared late in the era,actually
having no say about their appearance upon the earth. The next era will
be different. Swimme and Berry (1992) noted that we are entering into
a new period of creativity participated in by the entire earth
community. They identify this new period as the Ecozoic era, a fourth
biological era. The authors highlighted the central commitment of the
emerging Ecozoic as an era of communion of subjects rather than a
collection of objects. Together people will decide what kind of a
universe we will inhabit. 

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