When push comes to shove throughout recent Western history;
The Jews always seem to get scapegoated, over and over again;
Now the Iranians and other elements wish the Jews annihilation.
So, now the U.S. makes Iran an offer.
You 'all should see the film "Munich";
It's very good at showing what goes on- behind the scenes of power.
I really think it gives Israel or the Jews, to much power;
To think they are behind everything?
Do we blame Jesus, the Jew, for Christianity, Do we Blame Einstein for the Atomic Bomb, do we blame Dylan for the anti-war, hippie movement?
But, Who? is really behind it all...???
In my humble opinion, I think it is a network of people.
At the top of the food chain, in the intelligence community.
People like J. Hoover in the past, who had it in for the Kennedy's.
And people who understand and have studied the ways of money;
And power...
Who know how to manipulate the stock market;
Know how to keep the military well funded.
Know how to make money in oil.
Have complete access to all intelligence, satellite, etc.
Their allegiance is primarily to the quest of power and money.
Many of them, I believe are worshipers of the evil one.(or Set or Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub).
So, those are some of my thoughts on the subject.
They seem to have gotten control;
Around the time of the Kennedy assassination.
And have pretty much consolidate their power now;
With King George II;
Playing the good part, they like him to play.
R. Gimbel  Madison,WI

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