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--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Robert Gimbel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> When push comes to shove throughout recent Western history;
>   The Jews always seem to get scapegoated, over and over again;
>   Now the Iranians and other elements wish the Jews annihilation.
>   So, now the U.S. makes Iran an offer.
>   You 'all should see the film "Munich";
>   It's very good at showing what goes on- behind the scenes of 
>   I really think it gives Israel or the Jews, to much power;
>   To think they are behind everything?
>   Do we blame Jesus, the Jew, for Christianity, Do we Blame 
Einstein for the Atomic Bomb, do we blame Dylan for the anti-war, 
hippie movement?
>   But, Who? is really behind it all...???
>   In my humble opinion, I think it is a network of people.
>   At the top of the food chain, in the intelligence community.
>   People like J. Hoover in the past, who had it in for the 
>   And people who understand and have studied the ways of money;
>   And power...
>   Who know how to manipulate the stock market;
>   Know how to keep the military well funded.
>   Know how to make money in oil.
>   Have complete access to all intelligence, satellite, etc.
>   Their allegiance is primarily to the quest of power and money.
>   Many of them, I believe are worshipers of the evil one.(or Set 
or Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub).
>   So, those are some of my thoughts on the subject.
>   They seem to have gotten control;
>   Around the time of the Kennedy assassination.
>   And have pretty much consolidate their power now;
>   With King George II;
>   Playing the good part, they like him to play.
>   R. Gimbel  Madison,WI
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