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> Cashew
> Walnut
> Peanut
> Macadamia
> Pine
> Gimbel...

Hey, that does sound really good; icecream flavor, doesn't it?
But really sometimes, I just get these wierd inspirations:
To 'shake up the 'Status Quo'.
Somehow, I can't help it, when the urge comes to express this;
Sort of rebel without a cause...
But anyway, nothing personal to Bevan or anything like that:
I was just feeling that Maharishi gets information;
Edited my Bevan- in that he asked a question, about where is the best 
place to build a palace; it was a nonesense question;
As the real question would be to tell Maharishi, that the TM movement 
recieved a lot of negative attention, from buying the Kansas land and 
And wouldn't the money be spent better;
If the goal is to get good media attention;
I don't mean to pick on Bevan really;
Just kind of 'brain-storming'
If you really had a media savvy person running things...
Just thinking how robotic we are;
Like the whole thing, just seems so robotic at times.
Nothing personal
Nuts are good;
In our culture to be normal is cool, I guess;
In another culture, sometimes they are respected;
For having another view;
Or even channel, or dance or whatever.
So, homogenized our culture has become;
That anything out of the norm;
Is immediately attacked.
Sorry state of affairs, if you ask me.
R.G.  Madison,Wisconsin (Mad-Ciy)
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> wrote:
> >
> > In the last interview with Maharishi;
> >   Bevan demonstrated once again;
> >   His lack of taking responsibility;
> >   For his tricks and trades;
> >   Of misinformation to His Holiness, as Bevan likes to call him.
> >   I will never understand how a 5 ft, Holy Man from India;
> >   Who sat at the feet of Guru Dev;
> >   This cute little guy; so loving and innocent;
> >   Would put in charge, a heavyweight like The Bevy.
> >   Bevan seems to be to me like one of those guy's from Chicago;
> >   That you just don't mess with;
> >   I remember my first meeting with him;
> >   Was to receive the instructions of the Sutras of Pantajali;
> >   Which at the time, Maharishi was charging quite a bit for, 
> embarrassing to remember the amount, in a way.
> >   Anyway, last week, Bevan asked the question of Maharishi,
> >   About the meaning of placing one of the 'Peace Palace's in 
> the 'middle' of a nation;
> >   He failed to tell Maharishi, in his question to His Holiness:
> >   That the stupid publicity they got on the Kansas of Oz deal;
> >   Is why Mahesh was pissed in the first place.
> >   Because, and get this Bevan: Maharishi wants good publicity:
> >   Not bad press, and when people angle their way up the scale of 
> power;
> >   And hide the truth from the Master, that is blasphemy in my 
> >   My idea, is to auction of the "Prime Ministership" on EBAY;
> >   And sell to the highest bidder;
> >   Besides Maharishi's eyes will light up;
> >   At the thought of dumping 'ol Bev;
> >   And making a fortune doing it...
> >    
> >   R.G.  Madison,WI.
> > 
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