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Anyway, last week, Bevan asked the question of Maharishi,
About the meaning of placing one of the 'Peace Palace's in the 'middle' of a nation;
He failed to tell Maharishi, in his question to His Holiness:
That the stupid publicity they got on the Kansas of Oz deal;
Is why Mahesh was pissed in the first place.
Because, and get this Bevan: Maharishi wants good publicity:
Not bad press, and when people angle their way up the scale of power;
And hide the truth from the Master, that is blasphemy in my book.
My idea, is to auction of the "Prime Ministership" on EBAY;
And sell to the highest bidder;
Besides Maharishi's eyes will light up;
At the thought of dumping 'ol Bev;
And making a fortune doing it...
R.G.  Madison,WI.
Robert, M doesn't like to hear negative news. Maybe that is why Bevan has been around M so long, maybe he learned that quickly. That would not be his fault, it would be M's .

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