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> > > , "Robert Gimbel" <babajii_99@>
> > > wrote:
> > >> >
> > >> > So, maybe somehow Bevan with his size, and his accent gives
> > >> > Maharishi, the feeling somehow, on some level, that now he
> > >> > rules the Brits, and the symbol of the ruling is in his
> > >> > perfect speaking large form, long winded Bevan, the Prime
> > >> > Minister(English term) of Maharishi Land...
> > > 
> > > An interesting theory, one that I have not heard
> > > before. Worth pondering. Just look at the building
> > > designs he approves. He calls them Vedic, but they're
> > > all classic British Raj.
> > 
> > But of course, Bevan¹s not a Brit. He¹s Australian.
> Yes, but, there's just a grain's difference between an Aussie, and a 
> Brit.
> The accent accross Great Britain, changes from place to place;
> You remember the Beatles, and their 'Cockney- Liverpool accent'.
> And of course the way Prince Charles speaks, the Queeens English...
> Now, as I recall, the Brits, sent all the whores, criminals and other 
> scum to Australia, as they used the island for a place to send 
> the 'undesirables'.
> Which is probably why, most Aussie's have more of a chip on their 
> shoulders than the Brits, if that is possible?!
> Now as far as accents go:
> I can't imagine a more pure accent of Bevan's to his credit;
> He can have an almost hypnotic effect, on his audience;
> I would hate to see, if the TM movement really did become popular;
> We could have another Attila the Hun, on our hands?
> >

He speaks with a very proper PUblic Schools accent. Eaton and all that. 
Presumeably so 
people wouldn't look down on him at Oxford.

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