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> According to a hereaboutsy encyclopaedia 'israel'
> *possibly* means 'God (el) is fighting'.  :0
My understanding from my friend Mordachai, who I met on my teacher 
training course, in Avoriaz, France, on the Swiss border; it was a 
neatg course, and where I first met Bevanski;
Anyway, he would have said the word: ' Yisrael' mean "Home for Real 
Belief in the Invisible God; not the God of Egypt, not the god of 
Babylon, not the God of Nazi Germany, not the God of Hinduism; not 
the god of Rome, certainly; not the God of France; not the God of 
Mexico; not the God of China; 
Not the God of Iran; and not the God of Russia;
Not anyone's God, except for the Jews.
So, the Jews wanted their homeland back;
Which was stolen from them;
Twenty centuries before;
With the destruction of Yisrael,
By the Romans...
Then about 19 centuries later;
Some nut named Hitler decides to take advantage of the continuing;
Prejudice of 19 hundred years, and various propaganda;
>From Rome to France to Spain, Britain, and all other manner of Europe.
Some places worse than other's.
The Jewish people begged to be taken abroad to the United States;
But in those days, the Jews had no place to go;
Except to the camps; after the tatoos.
The Germans had contests about who could come up with the best 
torture technique.
One that stands out in my mind, is really 'cold-blooded',
You would dig a hole, or make the Jew dig the hole;
about the size to fit him and slightly less than his height;
Ask him to disrobe, and stand in the hole he just dug.
This would be done, in the dead of winter;
And most would just freeze to death, quietly.
Then there was the filling of the older train cars;
With as many Jews that could fit.
"From the book: 'Escape From The Pit' (published 1945)...
'The Ghetto was surrounded with soldier coming on motorcycles, buses, 
and in tanks. The Ghetto was being assulted by what was 
called: 'Annhilation Squad'.
Tanks appeard from ever direction,firing. Planes over the Ghetto, 
dropping bombs, and fire bombs.
Young mothers were dropping their babies from fifth or sixth floor 
story windows; husbands were pushing their wives off the roofs, sons- 
their aged parents, then leaping to death themselves. Elsewhere lay 
men with gouuged out eyes, screaming, beggingh the Germans to shoot 
The Germans laughed derisively. After some moments, the men 
disappeard in the flames.
Afterward, the Germans threw the corpses, on the fire.
Then then stabbed the mothers with their bayaonets.
A tank finally crushed the mothers to death."

So, it became hard to believe in the 'Invisable Transcendental God of 
the Jews:
Who is called:
'Eloheem' shri shri eloheem, namah aum...

'Adanoi' shri shri Adanoi namah aum...

'Aum Shri Yahwah Namah Aum...

So, the Jews will not hesitate to protect their homeland;
Where they can go, instead of being rejected my this world.
They have many nuclear weapons, and would use them, no doubt.
We will see;
But in the end;
I still pray for peace;
And the protection of all of the Palistinean children;
As well as all of the Israeli children.
To, "give peace a chance" would be a novel idea, in that part of the 

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