A participant from the current Holland Invicibility Course says they
are doing 10hrs a day programme and there is no unstressing.
"......a thing of the past"

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Gimbel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Eckart Tolle has commented on the 'Pain Body' on what Maharishi 
> calls 'Unstressing'.
> The pain body, is simply what you are holding in your phisiology, 
> body mind emotional body...which keeps blocking the full sunshine, 
> from shinig through.
> He says the 'pain body' is what holds you back from your
> enlightenment.
> He claims that the pain body is actually part and parcel the stucture
> of the ego; 'A Course in Miracles' uses the same analogy, that the
> ego, and it's various forms is what blocks the light of Being from
> shining through completely.
> Anyway, Eckart seems to think, that the so-called pain body;
> Likes to re-enforce itself; with what Maharishi would call
> unstressing.
> In other words, when you are feeling over-shadowed by some emotion or
> some overwheming physical symptom, or anything that you feel
> uncomfortable about- that is the perception of your pain body, being
> felt(Maharishi also, used the term "Sleeping Elephants")
> Anyway, by continueing to meditate and 'witness' this pain body;
> It eventually brings the awareness to whatever needs to be healed and
> released;
> So, he says, when someone pushes you button, and you feel like
> attacking back; this will only serve to embolden the old pattern held
> in the pain body;
> And the only real way to heal the pain body- is to not react- just
> watch how this pain body is manifesting and don't react.
> Just witness-just watch, and this helps it to be released.
> There's an instruction for checking which say:
> When there is an overwhelming feeling or physical sensation in the
> body which makes it hard to think the mantra;
> Than back off the mantra, and just let the awareness be with the
> sensation, and this will help to release it: then return to the
> mantra, when it is comfortable to do so.
> So, in essence, just by allowing the awareness to be with the part of
> the body or emotion, witnessing it, helps it to heal and be released.
> According to Eckart, when all of the pain body is healed,
> enlightenment dawns.
> He also suggests, that countries and cultures, also have "Pain
> Bodies".
> And that you can feel it when you get off a plane, say in Germany;
> Where it feels, 'much heavier' , than in the United States...

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