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> All this aggression, all this arrogance, the killing of thousands, 
> energy the Jews should know all to well from the past, have been 
> assimilated by the israeli people.
> "Firstly, the world must realize the true nature of the problem; 
> USA today is led by men responsive to a nefarious energy which 
> prompts their actions and puts peace in jeopardy. It stimulates 
> glamour for power of an international extent, and threatens the 
> of the world. It has outposts in Israel and Eastern Europe, Israel 
> being the major focus. This destructive energy derives, though in 
> diminished potency, from that which plunged the world into chaotic 
> war during the twentieth century and which, men thought, was safely 
> put to rest."
> Benjamin Creme's Master, July 2003 
> Please see: http://www.shareintl.org
> In other words; the same energy that was behind the Holocaust, is 
> active in Israel and the USA. "though in diminshed potency" 
> The same destructive energy nevertheless.
> The israelis could be digging their own grave, and Lou Valentino 
> might be very accurate again.
> Please see: http://www.yogavisionaries.com

OK, I', sorry. In this programme, the messages start at the bottom. 
The one I'm used to start at the top. So they appear, and I am happy 
my paranoia was incorrect. :-)

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