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> >
> > One thing SSRS has said that has helped me, and I
> > should remember it here as Off World speaks out of his
> > extremely knowledgable ass about SSRS, is that you
> > just allow people to be as they are. So Off, continue
> > on about something you know absolutely nothing about.
> > Why don't you take on Ammachi next. I think the less
> > you have experienced something the more you know about
> > it! 
> That last sentence certainly sums up the way
> many long-term TMers discuss enlightenment. :-)
> Maybe there's an actual relationship, but in the
> inverse direction -- the more that people have 
> come to believe that they "know" about the exper-
> ience of higher states of consciousness, the more
> they have been taught to "bag" them into polite
> little intellectual cubbyholes, the less likely 
> it is that they'll ever actually have those 
> experiences themselves.>>

Ravi Shankar's followers claim he got an advanced degree in physics 
at 17. This is untrue. He never even graduated high school. It is 
probably not his fault that his followers made this up about him, 
but it is off-putting. 
Plus his silly watered-down version of a sixties Maharishi that he 
did on FF public access TV was nausiating and badly done. I guess it 
appeals to the baby-boomer ex-drug addicts that need a mommy.


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