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> > Facts  that  SSRS  folks  and  Vaj  can't  cope  with.
> > It sends them into convulsions, 'specially Dr. Pete.
> > 
> > Research on SSRS technique shows that it is (quote from the 
> > scientists) "inferior to electro-convulsive therapy"
> > http://www.aolresearch.org/pdf/Janakiramaiah%20et%20al%202000.pdf
> Hey, com'on, dude! In my understanding ECT is the last
> resort when nothing else seems to help! So, something being inferior
> to ECT doesn't necessarily mean that that smthng sucks!  :)

That's correct, assuming SSRS's technique in this
study was used on people who were candidates for ECT--
in other words, people who had not been helped by
any other therapy.  If it was less effective than ECT,
all that means is that it was no more effective than
other non-ECT therapies for these particular people.

ECT is effective in 60-70 percent of those who are
candidates for it, which is pretty impressive when
you think about it.  Given how drastic it is, it
would be a tremendous boon to find something more
benign that was at least equally effective in such

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