--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> My personal "yardstick"
> for enlightenment is based on what it is like
> to meditate in the same room with the person.
> For me (which is subjective, of course, and not
> any kind of universal measure), if you are *able*
> to have thoughts while meditating in the same 
> room with the teacher, their enlightenment is 
> in question. 

Another interesting thing* is how present their "presence' can be
anywhere, anytime. As others have said perhaps better, teachers act
out the infinity that one is. Giving a series of dimensional
"snapshots" of the dimensionless.**  Giving one a more dimenioneless
view of their own Oneness.***  For me, the power and clarity of these
encapsulated expressions of the infinite -- "reconstituted"
anywhere/anytime -- can vary by teacher.** Some simple are "here" for
as long as I care to accept it

*While having yardsticks to measure others enlightenment is not my cup
of tea, in that labeling infinities with finite terms such as
"enlightenment" seems odd to me, and measuring the infinite with
finite "yardsticks, that is "how much infinities", seems amusing.

**Which may be either my own limitations, or simply having a greater
propensity towards a cert ain "structure". MMY said any teacher is
always available via "like a golden thread" and it was ALL in the
"seeker" -- to make the connection -- the teacher did nothing. (Which
is not "MMY SAYS" but an observation of a particualr POV.) 

***I find that this can be via spiritual art also, yantras and dance
-- though perhaps in a less intense form.  And these envapsulated
"structures" of bliss and knowledge are analogous to quantum packets.
They have a structure, but are also formless.

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