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From a friend of mine. I haven’t even read the whole thing, but I thought it might be of interest here:

I am sharing this with you. My sister, now vacationing in the US, sent it to me from friends of hers in Israel.  These are such horrific times in Israel again made so much worse by the sympathy of much of the world for a people who wants to destroy the Jews of Israel and take possession of the land, with no intention or desire to negotiate a meaningful peace.   Steve



Dear Friends,
Unfortunately Israel is at war.
Fortunately Israel is at war.
Better to face up to the enemy(Iran) now rather than later, when he is stronger.
This is the opening of War against Iran, who are using their proxies ˆ the Hizbullah in Lebanon and the Hamas in the Palestine Authority ˆ to „soften up‰ Israel for the kill.
There is no doubt at all that Iran intends to make good on its threats to destroy Israel and every Jew living there. There is no doubt at all that Iran will never be stopped by words alone, nor by economic sanctions if they ever take place. And Iran‚s aim is to lead Islam to world domination. Israel is the beginning.
For far too long we in Israel have been trying to find favor with the Western Powers ˆ particularly in Europe ˆ by practicing the policy of „Restraint‰ against Islamic/Palestinian Terror. To the extent of supporting ŒUnilateral Disengagement‚, first from Lebanon in 2000 and then from Gaza last year.
I confess that I was one of those supporting this policy of Israel leaving without any agreements ˆ not because I believed it would solve the 4,000 year war between the Arabs and the Jews, but because I was tired and weary of the loss of life amongst our soldiers and thought that this policy may give us a 5 to 10 year pause in the battle, enable us to rest for a while before the Œnext round‚.
The policy backfired as the Jihadi terrorists and their supporters in the Arab/Islam world saw our unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza as an Islamic victory over Israel ˆ the „brave Palestinians‰ who proudly excel in murdering innocent civilians, forced Israel to retreat with our tail between our legs.
(A majority of Moslems worldwide support the Palestinians, not in forming a Palestinian State alongside Israel but in forming a Palestinian State instead of Israel ˆ i.e. destroying Israel).
The terrorists became ever bolder, and in the last week actually entered the borders of Israel from Gaza and from Lebanon, and on our own Œundisputed‚ soil ambushed our soldiers guarding the borders ˆ killing 8 soldiers and kidnapping another 3.
This was the wake-up call, even for the most left-wing liberals in Israel. Such actions are the same as a declaration of War, and demand a very severe reaction from Israel. The policy of Restraint ( turning the other cheek, Œunderstanding Œpoor Arafat or Abu Mazen ˆand now the Œmoderate wing‚ of the Hamas in the Gaza Strip) has led only to more and more severe attacks against us, and has become bankrupt.
The Arabs and Iranian Jihadists believe that Israel is tired of fighting (correct), and can be forced by terrorism into making more and more political concessions without getting anything in return from the Palestinians (this was correct until this week). The Arabs believe that the Israelis can be defeated on the battlefield by changing the rules of the game ˆ whereby the Palestinians „are not able‰ to control their many terrorist organizations operating against Israel, whereas the Israelis are expected NOT to react in kind, not to use our strengths and definitely not to indulge in what the French and Europeans love to call „disproportionate warfare‰ to Palestinian Terror.
In other words, when the Palestinians killed 20 Israelis in a homicide bombing at a restaurant in 2003, Israel was expected to react „responsibly‰ and not attack the terrorists because they were holed up in a mosque or a hospital or even in their family homes. If we did attack them, and any civilians were killed in the cross-fire, this was considered to be „a disproportionate reaction‰ by Israel ˆ and worthy of the same degree of condemnation as the actions of the Palestinians who actually set out to kill innocent Israeli civilians.
Well, I hope our leaders have finally come to their senses. We need to go after the terrorists and their leaders, no matter who they are and where they are.
We need to kill them.
Before they kill us.
And if there is any collateral damage caused by Israeli pursuit of the terrorists, well that‚s just too bad. Palestinians should know not to associate with terrorists, not to allow them freedom of movement ˆ and most of all NOT to vote terrorists into power, as the Palestinian population did with Hamas.
When 70% of the Palestinians support the deliberate policy of killing innocent civilians in Israel, then that population should not complain when some are accidentally killed and injured by Israel in pursuit of those same terrorists.
And we in Israel finally have to abandon our outmoded morality of warfare and our sacred principle of „the purity of arms‰. We have to realize that the enemy is not only those terrorists whom we actually physically see and identify, but also their families and friends ˆ 70% of the Palestinian population ˆ who give them food and shelter and support their aims without actually pulling the trigger.
We need to kill every terrorist we find even if the people surrounding him are killed as well. It is our MORAL IMPERITIVE to save Israeli lives. The only way we can save Israeli lives is by defeating terrorism, which means killing all the terrorists we can find with whatever means we have available, even when Palestinian terrorist-sympathizers will die because they are in the way. (We have nothing to negotiate with people who believe we have no right to exist).
I hope we will have the courage and the moral backbone to do exactly this in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria ( the West Bank), in Beirut, in Damascus and finally in Iran.

One effect of this is, that this has definitely unified Israelis.

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