Title: Thoughts from a friend
I had this thought this morning.  You remember how it was in those early days?  Just meditate and go to God as quick as possible.   I think we were growing strong and we were actually gaining the 200%.. MMY had control over the spiritual because he was our teacher.  But he didn't have any control over the other 100% of our regular lives.   We were all growing in our own directions, with our own likes and dislikes, our own priorities.   Some of our cherished leaders in the movement were starting to question some of  MMY's decisions.  They had to be shuttled aside (read "dumped").  And I loved some of those guys -- the Charlies and Jerrys . . .  even the Depak.  If there were other directions from strong credible people . . . control would be lost.  
The siddhis was the door to getting control over the direction of our material, relative lives.  You know, the transcendental reaching out into the relative -- right into our lives and into our pocketbooks. ;-)   
But, with the siddhis came "the government" (the world government) and the kings and into organizing every aspect of our lives and community. Grabbing hold of all aspects of our lives to shape them in the direction "the  movement" wanted to go and not necessarily what we would all want.  
That was the whole addition that came after the siddhis, control of the relative lives of the meditators.  Now, tell me that isn't DEEP! 8-)  
(Yes, deep, but is it heresy yet?)

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