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> > > > The  attitude reflected in this article is what is
> > > > destroying Israel. You  can not fight madmen by
> > > > becoming mad yourself. 
> > >
> > > That's it,  exactly. 
> > 
> > Not that I see Israel as being "mad", but what is your solution?
> There are no simple solutions to complex problems.
> But I think that people who believe what this letter
> writer believes are mad as hatters, and *just* as
> dangerous as the terrorists. Both believe they have
> a moral right to kill innocent people. 
> So if I were to propose a fantasy 'solution,' it would 
> be along the lines of the setting of the Bhagavad-Gita. 
> Gather all of the people who think like this -- the mad 
> arab terrorists and the equally mad Israelis -- together 
> on a big battlefied, arm them heavily, and let them kill 
> each other. Not one of them on either side left alive.
> Sounds harsh, but you know as well as I do that if it
> happened the world would collectively breathe a sigh 
> of relief...

before suggesting solutions,clearly one has to understand the 
problem, I sincerely doubt that you do.
Israel  didn't ask for these confrontations and very much wants a 
stable and calm Lebanon, free of external powers. 
The current fight is against terror organizations in Lebanon and 
Gaza that are subcontractors, acting under the authorization, 
encouragement and funding of Iran.

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