Instructions on the shift - what to do and expect July 16 -18

Hi everyone,

The "shift' is coming up here soon and many of you have asked for
instruction on how to handle this and what to do. The following is
what I have sent you before. Just for your info. After this info,
there are instructions from Archangel of Presence, on how to handle this.

 Archangel of the Presence, whom I have channeled for
five years now, informs us in recent channels, that July 16-18, 2006
is a monumental time. Energies will be entering Earth's orbit that
will infuse us with more light than ever before. This infusion will
be felt all over the world! This infusion is like a traveling energy,
traveling through our galaxy and passing through Earth. This "energy"
is intense light. It is not the bright light you are used to seeing,
but is light nonetheless. Archangel, calls it "The Energy of Light."
Photon energy.

As you have seen, Earth is "heating up" and is getting ready for her
own ascension and rebirth. Climate changes are evident everywhere. Our
world is changing and we are to change with it.

Briefly, Archangel, says that this "Energy of Light" is like a comet. It
is a "group or band" of energies set in motion long ago by Father,
Mother, God. Unlike a comet that is solid, this band of energy is not
necessarily seen or detected - kind of like the wind. But it will be
FELT by people and especially electrical systems. As this band of
energy passes by and through Earth, electrical interruptions are possible.

Here are things you might expect during these three days and some time
afterward (especially in those not as evolved):

Electrical interruptions in the "power grid", therefore power outages
here and there.
Slight dizziness experienced by some people.
A flu-like feeling in some.
A sense that time has changed - that it is moving even quicker now.
Animals acting strangely - agitated or just listening and watching.
Breathing shallowly can occur in some people.
Tingling in Third Eye for some.
Various vague feelings of uneasiness and in many people the old
"issues" resurfacing.
Sleeplessness or oversleeping
Periods of just wanting to not do anything at all

What is happening is that we have also hit upon a "wrinkle" in time.
In other words, time as we know it has taken a leap forward, ignoring
the laws of nature we are accustomed to. So, time will change again.
It will move even more quickly but you will be able to handle this.

Here is how: write down 20 things you wish to release now. You know
what you are ready to let go of. 20 is a lot, but we all need to be as
free as we can be! After you have written the 20 releases, write down
at least 20 things you want now.

On each day of the shift you will be guided as to how many and which
of the 20 items to release. Trust your knowing on this. You WILL
know. So, each day you probably will release 6 or so items.
Releasing means you think of each item, send it to God in your own
way. (put it in a bubble, have an Angel take it, etc.) After you have
sent all your 20 items, look at your other list of 20 items you
desire. Command them to manifest for you. Send them to God to be taken
care of and manifest for you.

During the shift, listen to your self. If you need to rest, rest. If
you feel like being active, be active. Just do what you want to do
from your inner self. Go about your work life as usual, but in your
alone time, just do WHAT YOU WANT. Your inner guidance will kick in
and you will know.

Archangel, informs us that many light workers will feel like "moving".
This means you will want to be active, take a trip, DO something.
Light workers will be "activated" during this shift. Your powers will
increase: healing, intuition, all your abilities at least 300 percent!
so, greater healing for your clients, bigger intuitions by you. So,
hold on, release your issues and be ready for the new!

Be good to yourself, do something good for others. Many of you will
feel like really "serving" after the shift. You might be thinking of
how to make a living doing your true work. You might be wanting to
really make a difference in the world and finding the way to do this.

This is a kind "cosmic" boot for all of us. We are asked to get off
the fence, DO SOMETHING to help the world. Even if it is sending emails.

Be kind to you and do some one thing that assists others during the
shift. Small things count and so do big ones. Stand in your pillar
of light and state that you are here to matter - make a difference.
Spirit will take care of the how to.

Blessings on your shifting! Just relax, breathe deeply a lot. All is

Sheryl Watson, Channel, Palmist,
Spiritual Teacher and Adviser
303 688 1245

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