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A number of 'pundits' including Newt Gingrinch, have said that this

escalation in Israel, is the beginning of WWIII.

What do people think of this analysis?


There was a famous high Lama from Tibet here in the US on Sept. 11,  

2001. They just happened to have the TV on when the planes hit the  

world trade buildings and he commented then "This is the beginning of  

WW 3". 

So he has been proven wrong. Its been five years. No WWIII. There is a

statute of limitations on predictions. Unless he is saying, "sometime

between sept 11, and the end of time, WWIII will happen." Then its not

wrong -- "hey it dould happen in yea 2905, its just silly.

No, you miss the point. It's been a chain reaction since then. 

Ask yourself: what chains of events, what animosities have been created since the American *reaction* to 9/11.

For example: how is Iran pulling the strings in Lebanon and elsewhere responsible for the current war with Israel? Of course you'll just obfuscate as usual...

His students immediately asked him to not say any more,  

because being omniscient, 

Uh huh. 

Understandably this would be something you'd have to have experienced to grok. Otherwise it just seems too wild.

It could very well be the beginning of WW 3. 

Well, it wasn't. I could have been the beginning of anything.

But what they're (which secret group again? Haliburtons inolved, 

right?) not  

telling us is that this war IS a religious war. 

Most wars through history have been.

If you'd like I'll repost the article on what this lama said and what  

the Kalachakra prophecies say (it's by his translator). It's not for  

the faint of heart, the PC or those who think all religions are good,  

some just have a few bad apples.

Which is what he says, ofd course, that he is not talking about islam

as a whole, but (radical) fundmentalism. I am not so fond of (radical)

christian fundamentalists.

And really (if you watched the KW videos on terrorism) you find that it is this same pattern: ethnocentric gods and an egocentric moral development with a "narcissistic emotional driver" pushing it forward. You'll find this in many places. What the kalachakra prophecies are pointing to is that on a global scale what might be most worrysome is radical islam. This makes sense: even though, for example, it was the radical minority that was behind the English tube bombings--the majority of Islamic brits supported their actions! Can you say that the majority of radical X-tians supported Timothy McVeigh's bombing? I don't think so...

I am beginnnng to worry about (radical)

bigoted neo-buddhists.

Well if they're pumping sarin gas into your subway, then I'd worry. Rather than that worrying I'd recommend you visit the first great university (Nalanda) and other sites that were destroyed in the past--or the two million that disappeared in "east Pakistan" (Bangladesh). You probably remember the concert but never knew of the genocide.


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