It makes one doubt ones greatest 'hero'(MMY), ones greatest hope, 
ones greatest influence in life! Does it not? In spite of it all, the 
proof is in the pudding, and TM works, has worked, for me!

I remember purportedly Charlie said that when MMY brought TM to the 
west he didn't even know how it worked on *humans*, perhaps that 
explains the additional mantras added later. Is MMY merely teaching 
NeoHinduism?  Sometimes I wonder!  BillyG.

--- In, "shempmcgurk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> TM is universal; that is, if you are a lefty or righty...Democrat 
> Republican...communist or capitalist...apolitical or political...TM 
> works for you and it will MAKE you a better communist or capitalist 
> or whatever it is that you are.
> This universality must, by definition, be reflected in the 
> organisation that takes upon itself the responibility of 
> this all-important knowledge.  This is so because for the 
> organisation to "take sides" or become partisan in a particular 
> philosophy or political bent would mean that those on the other 
> of the issue would feel that this program was not for them or would 
> be less inclined to participate or start the program.
> That is why I am distressed that MMY started about 10 years ago to 
> take partisan sides on issues.  It is, to me, a betrayal of that 
> most important tenet of TM: its universality.
> Also of interest to note: back in the '70s and '80s the two 
> countries that had the highest initiation rates and, correct me if 
> I'm wrong, the two highest rates of percentage of the population 
> meditating were: The USA and Israel.
> Interesting that these two meditating behemoths are on the 
> end of MMY's ire.  Israelis are "murderers" and the USA is 
> responsible for all that is wrong in the world.

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