Non sequitur.

I wasn't considering it a free speech issue because I'm not
questioning the court's decision nor the wisdom of the judges. My
questions were more to do with the relationship between the "rising
coherence in the collective consciousness of an invincible nation
fully supported by natural law, a group of over 400 yogic flyers,
purusha, rajas and retinue, and Maharishi himself" and the *content*
of that freedom of expression and freedom of assembly the judges upheld.

Presumably freedom of expression and assembly existed in the
Netherlands before the TM movement made it an invincible nation--hence
the man made laws the judges upheld. 

The paedophiles and beastyphiles had the same freedom of expression
and assembly before as they do now. What they did not have was enough
support in the collective consciousness to create a political party.

To me anyhow, it's more of a content of the freedom of expression in
relation to the Maharishi effect issue.

And as an aside to Sparaig and a side track perhaps- everything Hitler
did on his way to power was perfectly legal and legitimate wihin a
democratic system. The history of the 20th century surely shows that
just because something is "sick" doesn't mean millions won't be
tempted. And just because millions are tempted doesn't mean it isn't
*sick*! (Please don't get me wrong--the point of my posts is not to
pass moral judgement; hell, anyone might cozy up to a sheep in the
heat of the moment on a cold starlit mountain night, when the sound of
one's own breath blowing into the pan pipes sends erotic earth-born
melodies echoing across the lonely silent valley, and lord knows,
world myghology is full of couplings of human and beast, in more ways
than one--doesn't Indra himself have the genitals of a goat?)

Maybe I should rephrase the question -- how does the formation of the
Dutch paedophile/bestiality party during this period (the 89 days of
Invincible Holland) and its validation in the courts relate to the
Maharishi effect and the creation of heaven on earth and life fully in
accord with natural law as advertsied by the TM movement.

So far, I don't think that's been addressed in the responses.

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> > OK--so it's the 89th day of the TM movement's assembly of  over 400
> > yogic flyers in Holland and daily declarations of rising tides of  
> life
> > in accord with natural law and the creation of heaven on earth in  
> this
> > invincible nation.
> > 
> > July 18, 2006
> > Dutch court rejects ban of  paedophile party -ANP
> > AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A Dutch court said on Monday a  political 
> party
> > formed by paedophiles could not be banned as it had the  same right 
> to
> > exist as any other party, the ANP news agency ANP  said.
> > 
> > The Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity party (PNVD) was  
> launched in
> > May and campaigns for a cut in the age of consent from 16 to 12  and
> > the legalisation of child pornography and sex with animals.
> > 
> > A  court in The Hague rejected a bid by a group campaigning  against
> > paedophiles to ban the  party.
> > 
> > Enlightened Sexuality?
> Actually, it's a free speech issue.
> Obviously, if more than 80 percent of the Dutch population
> finds the party so offensive they want it banned, the party
> isn't going to get very far with its campaigns and programs.
> Why, then, even bother to ban it?  Just ignore it, as
> long as it doesn't do anything illegal.
> The court, it seems, quite correctly ruled that a party
> cannot be banned on the grounds that it offends people.

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