--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I can certainly identify with what you say here.
> But I have no regrets, no more than I have about
> staying in a love affair past its expiration date. 
> I use that analogy purposefully. We were in a 
> love affair with Maharishi and the pursuit of
> enlightenment. When we first got involved in it,
> it was exciting and "something good was happen-
> ing" at regular enough intervals to keep us from
> questioning any of the "little things," no more
> than we would have in a love affair that was still 
> hot. But then the love affair cooled down, and we
> stuck it out anyway because part of us remembered 
> how it used to be, and hoped that it could be that 
> way again. And so we kept on keepin' on, for 
> months or years or even decades after the magic 
> has gone. And then one day we just couldn't take 
> it any more, and we split.

And then there's the all-too-common phenomenon
when a love affair or marriage breaks up, in which
one or both of the parties find themselves unable
to get over it, to make the break cleanly and move

Frequently in such cases, the party who can't let
go will indulge in endless, often irrational and/or
misrepresentational criticism of the other in an
attempt to convince himself or herself that the
other was truly a Bad Person and that s/he was right
to break off the relationship, to shut up that little
voice inside that keeps saying, "Maybe I made a big

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