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> > > >
> > > > So, let me get this straight:
> > > > 
> > > > The TMO continues to liberally use terms like "yogic 
> > > flying," "group 
> > > > flying," "flying together," etc. MMY, Bevan, Hagelin, and the 
> > rich 
> > > > guys in the funny gold crowns utter those terms all the time.
> > > > 
> > > > But what they really mean is "hopping." Obviously, they don't 
> > use 
> > > the 
> > > > term, "yogic hopping." They should.
> > > > 
> > > > To be clear, I use the term "flying" to mean hovering in the 
> > air. 
> > > No 
> > > > one that we know of has achieved that. Were it to happen, I'm 
> > sure 
> > > the 
> > > > TMO would trot out the videotape.
> > > > 
> > > > So that means that terms including the word "flying" are 
> > > spin. 
> > > > After nearly thirty years, no one has "flown." And a 
> > > person 
> > > > could conclude that it's probable that no one is going 
to "fly."
> > > > 
> > > > Claims need to be tested. Outrageous claims need to be tested 
> > even 
> > > > more rigoously. "Yogic flying" has failed.
> > > >
> > > It is a marketing term based on the name of the sutra. In any 
> > case, 
> > > its a good thing not to get too hung up on the common physical 
> > > manifestation of the sutra. The end goal is spiritual freedom, 
> > Self-
> > > realization, and the 'flying' technique definitely hastens the 
> > > development of that.
> > >
> > 
> > 
> > Next to TM, my experience is that the "flying" technique was the 
> > best thing since apple pie.
> > 
> > Having said that, I wonder what they trade off has been?  I am 
> > convinced that, more than the 3 or 4 other major errors of MMY's 
> > reign over the TMO, the way he came out with the flying technique 
> > what is responsible for the almost total demise of the TMO and 
> > popularity of TM.
> > 
> > So: on the one hand, he came out with this wonderful flying 
> > yet, on the other, the way he came out with it destroyed the 
> > Movement.
> >
> Peter McWilliams (I believe it was) told me once via email that he 
thought MMY was 
> deliberateinly down-sizing the TMO in order to make it more viable. 
It grew too fast and 
> the organization was NOT sustainable at the size it had attained. 
He said he warned MMY 
> about that, back in the day.

This is true;
'Back in the Day', so to speak;
I saw Maharishi, several times in Fairfield;
And each time he came there;
It became, at least to me;
That the movement was getting too large;
On a personal level, for him;
Too, dangerous; 
As we know from experience;
Especially here in the US;
Past history dictates;
That when one gets too powerful, 'In the Light', so to speak;
They become a target, and are taken off this earth.

Therefore, it is perhaps true,
That Maharishi, at that point,
Had given up on the fame;
And also, the disappointment;
Of his US counterpart, at the time;
Jerry Jarvis, and Jerry's complete and udder;
Disappointment, with the outcome of the:
State of New Jersey Vs. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi;
Went to the Federal court in Philadelphia;
Where after a copy of the translation of the Puja;
Was presented to the court;
The court decided that TM, was a religion;
And, Therefore, could not be taught;
Encouraged, or be paid for;
In the public school system;
It was a shame at the time;
And Mr. Jarvis was angry and in tears;
When he made this announcement;
In the Gym, on the Campus of:
Maharishi International University, in Fairfield, Iowa,(Back in the 
So, then Bevan and the European types, took over the movement;
And it came out of American hands.
When Jerry ran things, and when Charlie was around, 
And all those old Tm'ers, 'back in the day';
Well, things were a lot different; a lot different.

After Bevan, things began to take on a 'Royal Approach'
An almost 'British Royal Look'.
Then with the Raja's and everything,
Bevan has become like Elvis in the end:
Kind of like a character of himself.

Anyway, what I think is that Maharishi, is primarily;
A visionary, like Walt Disney, or like John Kennedy;
Or even like John Lennon, or say, George Harrison.
Or even like a Martin Luther King.
He sees well into the future, attempts to raise people;
To the point, where he sees they could be;
In his vision...

He spent many years with Guru Dev, completely devoted to;
The pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.
He spent this time studying under a Master of Great Significance.
For this one, spent so much time in Silence;
That he became Silence Itself...
And Maharishi had the good fortune,
To be at the 'Right place, at the right time', so to speak.
And with the strongest of desires, for Full Enlightenment.
Which he gained with his teacher and Master...

So, feeling that the movement was getting, 'out of hand'
And could be dangerous;
Maharishi decided, to have Bevan as his 'body guard';
Because of his size, and because of the intimidating accent...

Now, Maharishi, wanted the strongest, most dedicated;
One's to remain with him, on his more modest journey;
Back to the cave; and Royalty of a Noble One.
The privacy due him at his age...

So, only the most devoted soldiers, remained;
To play the part of the toy soldiers, marching to the beat;
Of The Maharishi's drum.
The vision of Maharishi's dreams of an Enlightened Society;
Dreams of a Peaceful World(You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the 
only One).
Now, in this way, Maharishi could consolidate the group;
To suit him, and protect him from the harm;
Especially from the those crazy Americans, and their crazy President, 
and their crazy drug culture, and their crazed desire for more and 
more sex, and  violence, etc., etc., etc.

The thing about the 'Flying Sutra', and the whole concept of flying;
I think is a little 'far out' to most...
So, I think to say, you will learn how to 'Hop like a Bunny';
Would not have worked as well, to sell this sutra.
If you are selling a sutra, and Bevan says to charge, so and so for 
Why not call it the 'Flying Sutra' or Super-Normal Abilities, 
including Flying.
And perhaps Maharishi believed, that a group of people practicing 
together, would be so, so, intense...
That they would be able to actually levitate within a few years or so.
Or so, has just been for 25 years or so.
Oh, well, wouldn't you know it; those stupid Americans again...

Now, the really strange part for me;
Is when I was visiting Fairfield, in the fall of 1993;
I met a girl, who claimed she could Levitate,
and did levitate regularly;
But was asked to leave the Dome, because it was causing to much of a 
disturbance or something.
So, that's kind of strange, I thought?

So, to sum up;
 Maharishi, decided to 'Chill for a While'.
Where in all places? 
And that is where he is today...
The End.
R.G. Mad City, People's Republic of Wisconsin, USA


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