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> But I thought building a few sthapatya vedic buildings, having 
> weifghed in gold, bowing down to kings, having chariots of white 
> horses, spending a lot of time on NLP and peace government, closing 
> down TM centers everywhere, making MUM too much like a cult for 
> people, planning/building the tallest buildings in the world, 
> ghandarva ved concerts, learning sanskrit, doing bastis, yagyas, 
> buying land in the middle of Kansas, ....all that was supposed to 
> bring peace and avoid "State of Emergency".
> Well I guess Maharishi got distracted from the real peace 
> generators....groups of real people practicing yogic flying. Too 
> now....too much time spent on silly things and shopping mall 
> If the movement wasn't so wierd, due to Maharishi's silly hobbies 
> wierd ideas, we could have had 10,000 in FF ages ago.
> Now...all we got is a "State of Emergency"
> OffWorld

I still say, that Maharishi, no matter how enlightened he is;
He is 89 years old now...
He can't travel around and see things for himself, 
Like he used to.
Therefore, he is much more dependent on the people around him;
For their advice, and their world view.
So, he surrounded himself with a certain type group of people.
Not that diverse at all.
So, this is the major contradiction, in Maharishi's personality.
He wants to humbly serve Guru Dev, and bring this teaching to the 
While at the same time; he's been trying to impress everyone;
That he is somehow, Like a King; 
Trapped by his own Castle.

While his teacher, 
Guru Dev...
Who, spent, so, so,  many years in seclusion,
And many years among the poor and hungry, and tired, of India.
Maharishi has naturally become, like the rest of us;
Spoiled by status and the modern conveniences.
I-Pod's etc...

So, he just kind of lives of the fringes of the suburbs;
Where the poor are not around, to complain.
Where there are no Mexicans cutting the lawn.
Where there are really no real people.
Besides the one's.
Who were with Maharishi long ago..
I hope sometimes he will remember that time, and that place.
Long ago, and far away...

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