> > I'm sure the list has heard my spin on this many times, but an 
> > analysis based on ordinary human logic just doesn't work when the 
> > earth is in as nasty a condition as it is. 
> > Of course, the TMO's policies are ridiculous when viewed from the 
> > perspective of any ordinary human level of rational analysis, but 
> > MMY, acting from the level of divine awareness, knows that the 
> earth 
> > cannot tolerate the light that would be generated by a rapid rise 
> in 
> > consciousness, and he has said so on several occasions:
> > 
> > "...the destiny of the people doesn`t allow us to light the big 
> lamp 
> > so quickly so that immediately the deep darkness simply 
> disappears. 
> > It is the fate of the people." (mou.org press conference of 
> > 24Aug2005)
> > 
> > The movement can only proceed by fits and starts, or it would 
> > create "fear and havoc" in the world by a too-rapid 
> > So these occasional calls to end some state of emergency are just 
> a 
> > necessary feature of a spiritual regeneration movement trying to 
> > work in the Kaliyuga.
> > >>>
> Maybe...although I interpreted Maharishi's "too big a light" as an 
> explanation as to how all the efforts in the world had NOT worked, 
> so there must be a reason it has not worked...ie. world karma. 
> Now...all we got is a "State of Emergency". So now what was all the 
> point of the list above (I forgot also to add to that list, 
> recertifying teachers and stopping long-time teachers from 
> high cost of TM, and all that)
> OffWorld
I don't think he sabotages things on purpose; I think if you read the 
above quote, he says, that although he tries to speed things up as 
quickly as possible, in as many ways as he can come up with;
The nature of the time; is that most people are tired, numb, and 
robotically brain-washed, to a large extent.
They are either plugged in to a computer, I-Pod, Tv, or some other 
brain-washing device, or educational system, or corporate fast food 
I think we just live in a completely 'dumbed down time'.

I completely dissagree with your theory, that too much light, would 
cause more chaos to happen.
No, chaos is caused by chaotic thinking and chaotic planning.
If you want to know what causes chaos, the whole Neo-Con plan to go 
into Iraq, this was and is dark, and is not of the light.
So, the light creates peace and harmony.
The dark or lack or light, or awarness or consciousness, creates 
It's like when Jack Kennedy was President, and was killed, or Bobby 
Kennedy was running in 1968;
The earth had a chance to be 'more in the light'.
It's not the light, that caused the chaos, in the murders of Bobby 
Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, in the summer of '68.
It was the removal of the light of these souls from the earth.

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