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Ok, so here's the quandary: if the times are so

tough that there may not *BE* a future, what is

the purpose of all those billions the TMO has

stashed away?

The TMO has always struck me as being poor.

Interesting illusion Jim! Did Guru Dev tell you that on one of your  


No, I didn't, and don't, communicate with Guru Dev about such things. 

During the walk that you refer to, it was more instant transmission 

stuff- worlds of knowledge, vs discussing the finances of the TMO.

The above comment is based on my perception of the TMO- they act like 

there is a lot of money, but I don't think there is.

You could be right in terms of liquidity--they have so much invested in real estate, centers and now Brahmasthans in various countries. It's not like they don't spend it, although some have claimed they fresh fund raise for these new centers with separately raised monies.

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