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> > from New Scientist, p. 5, July 15, 2006:
> > 
> > ""Magic mushrooms", revered for their hallucinogenic effects, 
> > do produce a spiritual high.  Almost two-thirds of people given 
> > active ingredient, psilocybin, said they had a "full mystical
> > experience", unlike when they took the amphetamine-like stimulant
> > methylphenidate, while a third said their trip was the most
> > spiritually significant of their lives".
> > 
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> So how does one define "spiritual high?" The TM "spiritual high" 
isn't all that impressive, 
> experentially: nothing happens.

That's certainly the case in my case. The only thing that "happens" to
me during PV TM is I occasionally stop breathing for a couple
of seconds or so, and my breathing most of the time of a session
is really shallow. OTOH, when I last time did my own version
of "NAMS", I got amongst other thing a fairly sudden ("partial") hard 
on. I have a poor sense of direction, it seems my kuNDalii has that,
too...  :/

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