Ever heard of her?

She's an actress from the films of the '30s and '40s.

I had never heard of her until last night when I saw Alfred Hitchcock's "Young and Innocent" in which she had the starring role when she was but 17 years old.  When she was 14 she appeared in Hitchcock's first version of "The man who knew too much" (he did a second version with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day years later in Hollywood).

Well, as a rule I usually don't like the looks of the starlettes of yesteryear...they just don't appeal to me.  But Nova Pilbeam I ama besotted with...or at least the 17-year-old version.  Cute as a button...and she has the type of face you just can't take your eyes off of.  Why she didn't become a major star I'll never know.

And that name!  Until I looked it up on the IMBD, I was 100% sure it was a made-up name...but it isn't.  That's her real birth name.

I couldn't really find a photo on the internet that does her justice, but here's one (Nova is the one on the left):

Nova Pilbeam




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